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Jaipur Ajmer Taxi Tour

Book a sightseeing taxi tour of Ajmer from Jaipur
Jaipur Ajmer taxi

Explore the famous shrine of Ajmer Dargah Shariff, along with nearby sites, with our Jaipur to Ajmer taxi tour. Below we have shared two taxi tour plans for one and 2 days. These are:

Jaipur Agra Sightseeing Taxi tours

  • One Day Jaipur Ajmer taxi tour
  • Two Days Jaipur Ajmer taxi tour

And in both tours, you can also visit Pushkar, which is just 15-20 km from Ajmer.

Our Jaipur Ajmer taxi tours


1. One Day Jaipur Ajmer taxi tour

Our 1 day, Jaipur Ajmer taxi tour we’ll leave for Ajmer by morning, between 8-10 am, & come back to Jaipur in 12 to 14 hours.

List of sites you can explore:

  • Ajmer Shariff Dargah
  • Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra
  • Two Jain Temple
  • Akbar’s Palace Museum
  • Ana Sagar Lake

The best timing for this tour will be to leave for Ajmer by 8-9 am from Jaipur, as then you can be back to Jaipur by 10 pm.

Taxi fare for 1 Day Jaipur Ajmer taxi tour:

  • Rs 2400 in sedan cab (Return trip)
  • Rs 3000 in Innova cab (Return trip)

Get more details on this tour by calling at +91 8005724023, or fill the contact form below.


2. Two Days Jaipur Ajmer taxi tour


In our 2 days Jaipur Ajmer taxi tour, you need to book day 1 accommodation wither in Ajmer or Pushkar. Here we will leave for Ajmer from Jaipur on Day 1 and will be back in Jaipur on Day 2 evening or night.

Our suggested 2 days Jaipur Ajmer taxi tour plan:

  • Leave for Ajmer on Day 1 from Jaipur by 8-10 am.
  • Ajmer City tour. List of sites mentioned in Tour 1 above
  • Night stay in Ajmer or Pushkar

On Day 2, you will enjoy a sightseeing tour of Pushkar, and an optional Camel safari tour at sunset (5-7 pm).

  • Tour of all famous temples in Pushkar
  • Famous ones are Brahma Temple, New/ Old Rangji temple, & Savitri Hill Temple
  • Spend some time at Pushkar lake, and leave for Jaipur by 5 pm, or
  • Plan a 2-3 hour camel safari tour at Pushkar campsite.

If you opt for Camel safari tour, then we will leave for Jaipur after dinner, and reach by 11 pm.

Fare for this 2 days Taxi tour:

  • Rs 4000 sedan taxi for 2 full days
  • Rs 5000 in Innova Cab for 2 full days

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